24 March 2011

Pregnancy requires sacrifice (Part 3)

Restful Sleep.

When I travel, boy howdy am I a dreamer.  Put me in a high altitude city << like La Paz! >>, and I'm having a sleep-induced escapade all night, every night. I learned long ago to travel with a journal because the stuff that flies around my brain- I couldn't make it up if I tried.

When I'm in my own home, sleeping in my own bed, it's a rare occasion that I wake up and remember all of the dreams I had the night before.

It's like trying to sleep soundly in a bed like this.
Now get me knocked up, and all of that washes out.  Everyone tells you when you're pregnant, "You'd better sleep while you can". Trust me, I'm making a valiant effort. I love sleep possibly as much as I love coffee.  Yet every night, for the past 3 months, I've had some of the most gnarly nighttime adventures while attempting to catch some winks.  

I wake up exhausted.  It's like begging for a weekend do-over every Monday.  And every morning I blame it on the progesterone that's hijacked my system.

I've decided to go ahead and lean into some sage advice my mother told me:

"When you're a new mother, you'll learn to sleep when the baby sleeps."

Truer words might not ever be spoken.  Because growing this baby is exhausting << and altogether wonderful, too >>.

Could everyone please raise a cup in honor of this time-tested wisdom? Kthanks. 

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