25 March 2011

18 weeks and growing

12 weeks looked more like chub.
Here we are at 12 weeks... a glorious first trimester, if I do say so myself. No vomiting, no nausea, no complaints whatsoever... just exponential boob growth and a bionic nose to boot.

18 1/2 weeks of belly: front and center...
well, from the side actually 
And at 18 weeks, there's officially a bump! I'm capitalizing on the 2nd trimester energy boost.  Evidently this 'lil nugget will double in weight during the next 2 weeks.  Guess who's gonna keep an eye on the bump?  This girl.  The hubs took my picture while I was in the throes of my morning << read: ONLY >> cup o' joe, and I was thoroughly enjoying it.  In fact, when I put the mug down for the photo, I temporarily blanked on its whereabouts: we came very close to a meltdown. In the end the crisis was averted- my coffee was hiding behind the cereal box.


  1. You look wonderful and definitely have "the glow." :)

  2. So cute!! Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to see the cute pics to come! :) Jennifer

  3. exponential boob growth...you said it, not me.

  4. Thanks Becca and Jennifer! Chris, I totally said it. I'm not ashamed. The backlight in the 18 week pic helps with "the glow" too.

  5. i love the boobs. i really do. miss you :)