09 November 2011

New Parent WIN or FAIL? You Judge

Much to my chagrin, our little dude spends some of his hours in daycare. If I could have it my way, I'd be a full time stay at home mom, and I'd work full time too.  I just flat love both my jobs, there are no two ways about it... Since my wish for double the hours in a day is yet to be granted, the hubs and I have worked out *the best possible schedule* to minimize little dude's time in the arms of other caregivers while still allowing both of us to work full time.

He's been at daycare a few weeks now (I've been back at work that long too), and during the first couple weeks, I would drop him off and promptly cry my way to the office, which is a 2 minute drive << it's so close I could throw a stone and hit the daycare>>One word: MISERY.  After the initial 2 weeks I think it sunk in to a certain degree that this is our new normal, and I find myself feeling better about the setup.

There are 2 women who care for the babies in the room where our little dude stays, and I like them both very much. They're great with the babies, and I trust them with my son << those are HUGE words coming from the mouth of a new mother, FYI >>.

Here's a recap of a recent happening:

I arrive at 1:30 to pick up the munchkin, and Miss L tells me they made an executive decision not to give him his second bottle because he had *just* started asking for it and they thought I'd prefer to feed him  << our little dude is breastfed exclusively, whether it comes from the boob or the bottle >>. Little did they know I had *just* finished pumping at work before I went to pick him up. Effectively he had an empty tummy and I had empty milk jugs <<that's actually a myth- when nursing, the "girls" are never actually empty >>. So I pop the little dude into his car seat thinking it'll be a quick drive home and I can feed him a bottle from the comfort of his rocker.


Two minutes into the 10 - 12 minute car ride home he is fired up, and I mean FIRED UP.  The poor kid was wailing. Now don't get me wrong- baby crying in the car is not uncommon, but when I know he's crying because he's starving or sitting in a lake of pooh or some other discomfort that I can remedy, it's heart wrenching.  And I knew for a fact he was hungry.

Arriving to a loooong red light intersection just as it turns red, a brilliant idea also arrived to my mind.  I grab the bottle that he did eat from at daycare << that I know for a fact Miss L rinses but doesn't wash >> and I put in exactly 4 oz of my still warm, recently pumped milk.  I reassemble the bottle, push the front passenger seat as far forward as it will go, and I pull the little dude's seat as far forward as it will go too << our compact SUV has a back row of seats that can be moved forward or back just like the front seats >>.  I flip his sun cover and pop the bottle into his mouth. He's not big enough or coordinated enough to hold the bottle on his own, so I drove home holding a bottle in baby's mouth with one hand while driving with the other.

To my credit, there was no music or phone to distract me, and I was entirely focused on safe driving skills while my little man sucked down his milk as if he hadn't eaten in days.  The drive home consisted of a short stint on the interstate (I had to merge right once), a merge to the left off the interstate, followed by 3 left turns (2 of those at traffic lights), and 1 right turn. It was about 1:30 in the afternoon- not exactly a high traffic rush hour.

Baby was quiet and even a little bit sated by the time we got home, at which point I finished feeding him properly. 

Does this one count as a New Parent Win or a New Parent Fail?

02 November 2011

Baby's Got a Green Bum

One surprising effect being pregnant had on both me and the hubs was that it brought out our crunchy, inner granola.  Among our other efforts to reduce our impact on the planet as we cultivate new life, we decided to explore the possibility of cloth diapering our kiddo.

Light blue bum pictured here
It's official: baby's got a *mostly* green bum.  We've officially made the switch to cloth diapers, and it's pretty fab after just a couple of weeks << this coming from a girl whose mother taught her to recycle before it was cool to recycle, when the cheesy "3R" commercials were still in rotation >>.

Maybe you've heard it before, but it bears repeating: cloth diapers today aren't your momma's cloth diapers... no pins, no folding, no need for the use of a diaper service.

We started out with a pack of 12 bumGenuis 4.0 All in One diapers. The idea with this particular style is that the diaper can be snapped down small enough to fit a newborn rump and then unsnapped big enough to fit a potty training kiddo.

In theory, it's the only diaper you'll need.

We turned our little dude's bum green when he was 8 weeks, and so far, so good.  We have had exactly ZERO poop explosions << someone please knock on wood >> and  just a couple of damp onesies while in the cloth.  When I'm in on diaper duty, if he happens to be in a disposable (for day care, 2 mornings per week) and decides to poo, I almost always end up changing his whole outfit.  If he takes a dump in cloth, the poo stays right where it's supposed to.

The only downside we've identified is that if he's got a really wet diaper, the area around his legs can get a little bit damp.  Our solution has been to either double up with the liners or change him a little more frequently (which is still *not as frequent* if he were in a disposable).

Before we switched, the hubs would empty the diaper pail on a weekly basis and it just about took both of us to haul the load out the curb.  Easily 35 pounds of waste was being sent to the dump every week. Now, taking into account his day care diapers, we're probably talking 3 - 5 pounds in the landfill, tops.

Also, it doesn't hurt that the diapers are so stinkin' cute.  Little man's monthly "watch me grow" photos are going to be in these. Win!
2 months and he's already working on his Buddha Belly

01 November 2011

Baby's First Halloween

I'll just go ahead and admit it. While pregnant, I spent more time pondering what I would dress my newborn as for his first Halloween than I spent thinking about child care.  In the end, both costumes and care providers were established in a timely fashion.  Here's what transpired yesterday...

This is what I sported at day care. It's in the shadow,
but my hat has a pumpkin stem!

Naked baby says, "Ribbit, ribbit!"

Me and Big Brother had a great time in costume while Mama and Papa handed out candy to the neighborhood princesses, goblins, gangsta's, and pirates.
Happy Halloween!  Now bring on Thanksgiving!!!