JHB's Family

If you know me, you know my family means the world to me. They keep me grounded, sane, humble, and confident. Here's your introduction, in no particular order.

I married my sweet, kind, generous, saint of a brown husband back in 2006. We're a bi-racial, bi-cultural, bi-lingual little familia residing in the southern U.S.. Hubs gave me a mini version of himself in August 2011... if we didn't have the photographic evidence, I'd probably demand a maternity test.

Seriously. What's greater than a fat and happy baby in a cute cloth diaper and a matchy matchy hat? Not a thing in the world. I've never known love like the love I feel for this half-pint. The moment I held him in my arms for the first time, I sensed on a deep level that new heart and brain matter had instantly formed. It just didn't exist before I met my firstborn. For the record, he's awfully bad birth control

Seester Jules
Jules is my left lung. No really. When I stop breathing, she reminds me that I do still know how. She listens actively, and she jumps in pictures with me. Her passion for joy is contagious, and her cat training skills are epic. She's inspiring, energetic, loving, generous... I'd be lost without her. Left lung.

Seester Lizzard Booty
My brainy, beautiful sister who lives far too far away. Basically, anything outside of a 2 hour radius from our home base is TOO FAR. Liz, she's TOO FAR. But she's carving a place for herself among some really smart folks, sharing all of her smarts and gifts.

She was Mom to me growing up, and somewhere along the lines it shortened to Mo. Now she's a GrandMo, and there are these new sides to her that I've just never seen. She has taken to grandparenthood like Whoah.

The Rolo  Puppy
Our first furry son. He hones his inner Chewbacca when he's under the bed wondering why he's not getting any attention. Inside he nose-whines at the back door when he's gotta pee; outside he scratches the back door when he's ready to come back in. He hates the rain, he loves the snow, and he can give a squirrel running in a straight line a run for his money << pun intended >>. If he has to bank left or right, he loses a lot of momentum. He is, in fact, 1 1/2 dogs long and only half a dog tall. He is a long-haired mini Dachschund. As parents, he was our first love. After I gave birth, he suddenly became a dog. We love our little dog. He and his little brother, the Munchkin, are learning to love each other too.

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