14 March 2011

My Dad got a Tat

and I think it looks pretty rad.
It's a white tiger with Daddy-O's name
in Chinese calligraphy below the paw.
My sister and I made the trek from Knox to Nash in order to hold his hand as he got inked for the first time in his life << I will not disclose his actual age, but I would bet that he's one of the most mature clients they've inked at this particular place >>.  The original appointment was for 6:30 pm, and after a multitude of delays, we ended up leaving Blackbird more than 8 hours later << for a preggster, this involved an emergency snack hunt, at least 12 trips to the potty, and a desperate hunt for a comfortable horizontal surface to stretch out >>. The original plan involved holding Dad's hand during the process and then going for ice cream afterwards.  Have you ever been too tired to want ice cream? We were. We left the place after 3 am, drove straight home, and promptly crashed.  It hurt a little extra because that night we lost the hour as we "sprang forward."  Losing that additional hour as we sprang from central to eastern time really didn't help either.

BUT. It was worth it. Dad's cool credibility just skyrocketed. We each held a hand. We distracted him with interesting conversation, entertaining stories, and the occasional back scratch.  We enjoyed a couple of delicious meals with Dad and S before and after the ink fest. And of course the drive across the plateau was filled with great sister-convo's and sing-alongs. We can't leave those out- Sugarland and Garth, you guys treated us right. The best part is that I get to tell Baby Boc one day the they were there when Gramps got inked for the first time.

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