13 February 2012

Pin It #4

Martha Stewart, folks.
Accordion Valentine, found here.
 In searching for something *free* and *homemade* and *Valentine-y* to offer up the hubs tomorrow, Pinterest had a lot to consider. I decided on a cute little fold-y Valentine because a) it required materials that, between the home and the office, I had on hand, and b) it required skills in the area of "crafty" that I thought I had a smattering of.

Only in hindsight did I realize my inspiration was Martha Stewart.

Had this little fact dawned on me at the time I was considering points a) and b) listed above, I would never have ventured into this one for the simple fact that it would never turn out as cute/nice/lovely/perfect at something Martha Stewart creates << I don't care how much time she spent in the slammer, the woman knows how to do all things cute and crafty >>. Let's analyze the image to our left for just a moment. First, all of her hearts are cut out flawlessly. Second, they're all perfectly aligned and seamless. And let's be real, folks-- who doesn't have hearts floating on their computer monitor?

Here's my version that hubs will find when he goes to leave the house in the wee early hours of the morning. It's no Martha Stewart, to be sure. I like to think of the rough edges... as symbols... of the rough edges of our... er, um, nevermind. That's sappy. Lord knows there'll be enough sappy to go around tomorrow. Happy Valentine's Day, ya'll!
And Happy V Day, Hubs!

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  1. She probably used a cricuit to cut the heart which = cheating, and less heartfeltness in my opinion. Yours are BEAUTIFUL!