02 May 2011

Naturalization complete

My spouse is now, officially, both US American and Bolivian. He's got all the rights and privileges that I << and maybe you, too, if you're a US citizen >> do, with the single exception that he cannot serve as Commander In Chief.  In order to do that, you have to have been born in the US << hence the "Birthers," which has nothing at all to do with labor and deliver and is, quite frankly, offensive to those of us on track to give birth >>.  He can vote, he can be called for jury duty, he can travel with a US passport, etc. etc.

Last week we traveled to Chattanooga for his swearing in ceremony.  It was a wonderful experience!  The ceremony was official, the courthouse was beautiful, and it was a truly compelling opportunity to see what is possible.  Here's a montage of how things went that day.

Mo, Me, DWagg, A, and the hubs posing
for a photo, pre-swearing in.

The judge invited me and the bump to join him
and the hubs in the photo. We're so proud!

It's official!

And then it was time for lunch.
Did I mention Rolo was with us?

He was sporting a blue harness with a red leash- dashing, no?

At lunch, and Mom insisted we drink our water out of
her patriotic, plastic cups!  I'm not sure she could get any cuter.

We raised our glasses! 


  1. The period of filling out forms, studying, and waiting is finally over. Now, both of you can start your life happily with your baby. I read your other posts and I’m glad to know that you’re having a great time with your family. :)

    Cade Culpepper