18 July 2011

I've never been showered like this before - part 1

Before we knew the gender of our baby, we were tentatively leaning towards a nursery theme of Dr. Seuss.  We have every intention of keeping it very low key in light of the fact that in a couple years our rugrat will indicate his own preference for a bedroom theme- trains, sea creatures, baseball, etc.  Let's not kid ourselves, nursery themes are for the parents, not for the kid.

I'll post later on with pics from the nursery, but in this post I want to brag on my baby shower hostesses who created a Dr. Seuss extravaganza on behalf of our little citrus baby.  A little while back, two sisters from church told me they'd like to throw us a shower and invite the ladies from church.  I most assuredly said yes- these sisters are a creative force to be reckoned with << and if we're brutally honest, that's an understatement >>.

When asked about the nursery theme, I answered Dr. Seuss, and they both lit up. I could see the creative wheels turning behind both sets of those pretty blue eyes.

Soon after, this arrived to my email inbox.
A Dr. Seuss Themed Party Invitation!
My level of excitement just about caused my head to pop when I saw this!  My hostesses assured me they didn't need my help with any part of the party planning or preparation, and I was instructed to simply show up.  So I did.

And I was blown away!

I felt like I had walked into the land of Dr. Seuss!  Here's how they did it:
Books and stuffed animals were strategically
placed all over the house.
The Cat in the Hat! (make note of Thing 1
and Thing 2- they'll show up later in the post)

There were mini-cupcakes with
 "It's a Boy" tags.
They had a Dr. Seuss Hat and a One Fish, Two Fish,
Red Fish, Blue Fish Diaper Cake!
Look at the fruit!
Green Eggs, as in Green Eggs and Ham
And assorted  greens and other things, i.e. veggies!
These are my hostesses! They strategically hung
a big blue ball of fluff from the dining room light fixture.
The jars upon jars of candy were the party
favors for guests to take home with them!
A One Fish Diaper Cake! The creativity abounds!!!
When it came time to open the many, many gifts from our loved ones who are sharing and celebrating with us, there were a few surprises that either made my jaw drop, caused fits of laughter, or provoked tears to spring into my eyes:

Jaw drop occurred here. This sweater was bought by a church
member to bring home to his young son on our first trip to Bolivia,
the same trip where I met my husband.
This particular family decided to pass it on to our son!
Fits of laughter on this one.
Thing 1 is for Rolo, the pup,
and Thing 2 is for Citrus Baby.
Tears sprang up here: a very creative friend hand-painted
 a "Half and Half" bib, as in half-American and half-Bolivian.
The rest of the weekend was spent resting and accommodating all of the bounty we'd been given to help us prepare for the arrival of Thing 2.  We couldn't resist the opportunity to model on Thing 1 his new outfit.  We proceeded to laugh until we cried on this one!

Thing 1 is showing great excitement for Thing 2's pending arrival!

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  1. That bi-cultural bib must have been very special. Glad you enjoyed your shower!