21 October 2010

kids & puppies need exercise- so do we

Have you ever been around a kid with way too much pent up energy that's acting like a complete, total, royal pain in the heinie?

I'd put money on a lack of play time and run-around time that particular day.

How about with puppies? 

Ever been around a puppy that gets into absolutely everything?  Chews things like shoes, rugs, socks, purses, couches, pilllows, tables...
The husband and I sometimes have marathon days where we have just a few minutes at home in the morning and in the evening.  Our dog, Rolo, emptied the bathroom trash can on a day just like that.
Trash Can (entirely emptied) included an old razor blade, used dental floss and
Kleenex, empty bottle of deodorant, other sundry bathroom trash things
It was actually the 3rd day in a row where we hadn't found a spare second to take the little red man on a walk.  The only movement he'd had involved walking to and from his food or water bowl or walking outside to go #1 or #2.

He's been getting nice long walks ever since the bathroom trash day.

This always gets me going.  As adults, who are we to think we don't need exercise?  Are our needs for physical activity that different than those of a child or a puppy?  

I know that I'm much happier and well-balanced when I've been active.  

I think I make better choices too.

Do we ever grow out of exercise?  My answer to that question is not just no but- as my mother would say in her sweet southern drawl- Heaven's No!

And as Elle from Legally Blonde explains, "Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands, they just don't."

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